Nobody has given any positive proofs and evidences that “G-d does not exist”

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Paarsurrey wrote:

I gave attributes of G-d that I believe in in my post # 159. Please read it.
I also mentioned that He has communicated with human beings, in fact these attributes have been mentioned by Him in his communication to us.
Why not believe in Him?


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Paarsurrey wrote:

I am sorry to state that so far nobody has given any positive proofs and evidences as desired under the topic “Your best argument that G-d does not exist”.
All I get is just in an indirect way admission of our Atheistic friends here that it cannot be done. They have only tried to find faults in the believers which does not directly touch the topic.

Now your points in the post.

  • As you have not been satisfied with the Theistic mind-set, and with your bitter experience has left believing in G-d the same way we find people who left Atheism and have fervently joined Theism with bitter experience in other side of the fence. This is an ongoing traffic from Theism to Atheism and from Atheism to Theism. While I understand your position, yet it does not make a good argument for others, you would realize.
  • Search for truth is an ongoing process. We cannot convince anybody for sure, we can only help one with good arguments, the convincing part is to be done by the individual himself. There are no short-cuts.
  • The rest of the questions, though very important as they are, yet are out of the purview of the topic at hand.

Thanks for the input. Wish you or others will bring out some positive proofs and evidences viz a viz “your best argument that G-d does not exist”.



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