“Why Hadith can NOT be part of Islam”

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Why Hadith can NOT be part of Islam

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hadith never existed in the time of Muhammad. It was collected 250/300 years after Muhammad. Muslims were doing everything as commanded by G-d in Quran and as demonstrated by Muhammad under directions of God (called Sunnah).

Hadith doest mention the context of an event, Quran does it.

At a time when people started fabricating Hadith in the name of Muhammad, Muslim scholars thought the need to purify Hadith and collected and classified it under a system.

They never thought that it is to replace Quran.

Hadith could elaborate things if it is not against the text and context of Quran and with this condition it is to be respected, honoured and acted upon. It is useful and part of Islam in this sense.



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