Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics! What are your sources of knowledge?

I started thread titled above on one of my favorite discussion forums

One could join the discussion on the forum or here on this blog.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Post #1
Everybody could respond. Theists or Non-theists.


Paarsurrey wrote:

Post #41

Those who have joined the discussion (as per OP) and have mentioned their sources of knowledge, in the second stage I would like them:
To mention against every source the accuracy of every source in %.
Do their sources, all combined give 100 % accuracy?
If not, how do they cover the grey area not covered by their sources?
Do they cover all aspect of our lives?
This is just to self-assess our sources and to improve upon them, if possible.


It ensued an interesting discussion.


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One Response to “Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics! What are your sources of knowledge?”

  1. Muhammad Qasim Says:

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