Is Islam a universal religion?

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Yes; it is.

There were religions which were intended for a specific region and time.

Like the religion of Moses (known as Judaism) and the religion of Zoroaster (known as Zoroastrianism); their founders did receive Word of Revelation from the One-True-God.

But they were not intended for the whole world or for indefinite time in future.

They were to be merged with the Universal or Global religion to come.

Their founders, hence, neither took measures to preserve the Word Revealed on them nor did they themselves prophesy that it will remain preserved.

The languages in which their Revelation was originally received became dead to the extent that at some points in the history it was known to the clergy only; if at all later attempts were made to revive them the meaning of the words was quite different than the original hence instead of giving clarity to the text; it became a source of further corruption.

The vagaries of time accelerated their natural death.

Their followers adopted measures that instead of making them global; made them even narrower.




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