With non-belief in God ; virtually cut-off from the lineage of Abraham and Moses


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“Judaism puts far more emphasis on moral behavior than politically-correct beliefs, although I’m not going so far as to say or imply that beliefs are meaningless. What is most important in Judaism is the following of the Law itself, even if we do have doubts about there even being a God.

Now with that being said, I think an agnostic Jew is probably standing on firmer ground than one whom absolutely believes there is no God. However, even with the latter, Torah puts so much emphasis on following the Law that it begs the question what does God actually feel about an atheist in terms of judgement? I can’t be sure, so I’ll ask Him after I croak, but getting the message to you if I go first could be a bit of a problem.” Unquote

Paarsurrey answers:

‘A Jew remains a Jews even if one does not believe in God’ is a wrong notion;it smells like a racial approach in religion. If one does not believe in the One-True-God; one is neither a believer nor virtually a Jew.

One who has left belief in the One-True-God; he has left the most important and the most core belief told by Moses; with a non-belief in God; he has already denied spiritual status of Abraham and Moses and virtually stands cut-off from the lineage of Abraham and Moses who were staunch believers in the existence and Oneness of God .



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