What does the one true G-d mean ?


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What does the one true G-d mean ?” Unquote

Paarsurrey answers:

In brief:

The One-True-God is One (explicitly rejecting polytheism, dualism, and trinitarianism, which are “incompatible with monotheism, emphatically rejecting any concept of plurality with respect to God), He is the Creator of the universe (Creator of heaven and earth and all between them), He is all-powerful, He is eternal, He is the Beginning and End), He is omnipotent, omniscient, and Omni-benevolent, living and loving. He is not only cosmic but also personal , He is the God, Who hears and answers, He is neither corporeal nor anthropomorphic, He can be experienced, God is utterly unlike humankind, He is only worthy of worship and hence one must pray directly to God, there are no intermediaries between Him and us the human being , one must not pray to anyone or anything else. He has beautiful names; He has all the beautiful attributes with no blemish………..
Etc., etc.,etc.,…



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