Did Islam spread by sword?



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Hi everyone. Some people say that Islam was spread by the sword. Others say that it was not. The Koran says that there is to be no compulsion in religion so it would seem that Islam’s sacred text would condone religious freedom. But was this really the case historically? Here is the reference from the Koran which I am referring to.

[2.256] There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

paarsurrey’s response:

Islam did not spread with sword or because of sword.
Islam spread for its natural, rational and peaceful teachings.



Originally Posted by ZooGirl02

“You know, I am thinking that perhaps it was just that Islamic empires were spread by the sword but not the religion itself was spread by the sword historically. Now, granted, there have been cases in recent times in which people were forced to convert to Islam or die such as in Syria but I am speaking historically. Also, the actions of a few should not be blamed on the entire group that the few are a member of. That’s my opinion anyway. I mean, you wouldn’t say that Atheists endorse murder just because some Communist Atheists murdered people in Soviet Russia, right?”


Paarsurrey says:

I agree with you.



Paarsurrey wrote:

I have checked many countries;it just happened like that.
If one likes; I could give examples.

For example:

Peaceful spread of Islam in Maldives:

The islands converted from Buddhism in the 12th century.


There was no subjugation by sword.


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