Revealed scriptures other than Quran suppress reason can bring no good to mankind

“Having abandoned the gifts of reflection and deliberation and having stifled their innate capabilities, they have become worse than non-rational beasts.

Bidding farewell to the path of thought and reason—which is the essence of humanity—they descend to a level that can hardly be called human, for they no longer have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. How aptly does the holy Quran describe such people in the verse?

[7:180] those who blindly follow their forefathers have minds but they do not use them, they have eyes but do not see with them, and have ears but do not hear with them. They are like cattle, indeed they are worse off. (Surah al-A‘raf, Part 9)*

In short, the most important task of a revealed book would be to teach man the most appropriate use of the faculties inherent in his nature, so that none of the powers that God has wisely invested in him are wasted or used excessively or insufficiently.

One of these—the very crown of humanity-is the power of reason, the correct use of which makes a man truly human and opens for him the door to excellence and limitless progress.

It is obvious that if a revealed book does not uphold and protect man’s faculty of reason, but rather discourages its use, such a book, instead of cultivating human faculties, would become an impediment in their balanced use. Instead of helping and supporting human faculties, it would stultify and misdirect them. It would not deserve to be called knowledge or wisdom, for it would only be a collection of myths, irrational beliefs and naive expectations. Anyone who follows such scriptures is like a daydreamer who hopes to reap what he has not sown. Obviously, a book that can only flourish by suppressing reason can bring no good to mankind.” Unquote
[7:180] —————————————- They have hearts but they understand not therewith, and they have eyes but they see not therewith, and they have ears but they hear not therewith. They are like cattle; nay, they are even more astray. They are indeed quite heedless.

Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya Pages 108-109: Footnote Number 5:By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- The Promised Messiah


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