Litmus test for a Christian

I wrote following post on the topic “Are Mormons Christian?” quite sometimes back.

Dec 17, ’07, 7:50 pm

Re: Are mormons christian?

Originally Posted by luvmykids
Do they call themselves Christian?


For sure they call themselves Christians and nobody legally, morally and rationally deny that right of expressing their faith as they believe, if there is any free will there.

They are not Muslims, definitely; first they don’t say that. Secondly the following litmus test to verify a Christian from a Muslim also proves that.

There is not a single Muslim in the world who believes that Jesus died on Cross, it is so clearly mentioned in Quran. So, according to Muslims Jesus never needed to be resurrected from the dead as he never died on Cross in the first place. Hence Jesus was never God as per Quran/Islam/Muhammad.

There is not a single Christian, in my knowledge, who does not believe that Jesus died a cursed death on Cross for the sinful Christians; later as per the Christian faith Jesus got resurrected to life from the dead, and hence he was God and he sat on the right hand of God, assuming all-power. This is, to me, the superstitious building blocks of Christian faith which the Christians have been made to believe by Paul in Rome.

The Mormons believe the later faith, so they are Christian for all practical purposes according to the litmus test to know a Christian from a Muslim or a Muslim from a Christians.

Otherwise, you would remain confused


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