Seeking after God like a seeker not like a philosopher

Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra) 1893- 1963

Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra) 1893- 1963

It should be understood that the intention with which a person undertakes a task, bears heavily on the result. The same thing done with one intention has quite a different result when it is done with some other purpose.

Intention has a deep impact upon every action of man, and it always manifests itself in one way or the other. Imagine a man, for instance, who obeys his master only because he is his master, but beyond that he has neither any interest in his affairs, nor any personal attachment to him. In such a case his obedience would be robotic. His work, which he does out of a sense a duty, would be devoid of zeal or enthusiasm.

But if the same person serves a man for whom he has personal regard and in whose affairs he takes the greatest interest, his obedience would immediately take on a different form. He would now carry out his duties with full zest and enthusiasm. Therefore, we conclude that although his duty is the same i.e., to obey his master’s orders, his intention greatly determines how he carries out his duty.

Let us also consider the case of a philosopher and a seeker after truth, both of whom set out for the same goal—i.e., to find out about God’s existence—but with completely different intentions. The philosopher tries to use his knowledge and wisdom to ascertain whether or not the universe has a creator. Even if he comes to the conclusion that God does exist, he will not bother to find out His attributes or His relationship with His creatures, for this is not his aim. His aim is only to satisfy his intellectual thirst. He is not desirous of communion with God, nor anxious for His nearness, nor craving for His friendship. He does not have the desire to reach Him, nor does he care to know of His Will.

A seeker, on the other hand, aims at reaching God. He wants to have communion with Him and desires His friendship and nearness. He is anxious to know of His Will, so that he can follow it. Can we put the philosopher and the seeker on the same plane? Of course not.

The first step, therefore, is that one should set one’s intentions straight and seek God like a seeker, not like a philosopher.

Pages 31-33
“Our God” by Mirza Bashir Ahmad


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