Methods of Investigation into God’s Existence

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

It is very hard to meet with success unless we adopt the right method of investigation. Otherwise we are likely to waste all our efforts. A man who wants to dig a well to find water can never reach it unless he selects a particular piece of land and starts digging vertically downwards. If he does not dig downwards and instead starts digging parallel to the surface, he will never catch sight of water even if he continues to dig for 200 miles. No sensible person would accept his lamentation that he worked so hard and yet found no water. Therefore, hard work and effort bear no fruit unless they are done in a proper way.

The same is true in spiritual matters. There are particular paths and ways. Unless these are followed we cannot attain any purpose, regardless of how much energy and effort we expend. These laws and principles are wholly and solely for our own benefit. Man’s intellectual and material progress would be impossible without them. Just imagine, if there were no laws in this world and if one could achieve anything just by wishing it.

What would this world look like? Would not ignorance, laziness, and indolence take the place of knowledge, hard work and experience? Would there be any difference between a scholar and a fool, a hard-worker and an idler, an experienced one and a novice? Would the progress of human intellect not be totally blocked? Would the edifice of human morals not come down before our eyes?

Remember, the material, intellectual, practical, moral and spiritual progress that you witness today is entirely dependent on the fact that the world is governed by laws. Take away this law and the door of all progress would be instantly closed. Human brain would be turned into a motionless stone.

Man—the best of creations—would find his status in an instant fall below the lowest creatures. Do not consider these laws to be barriers, for they act like wings which the Creator of the universe has bestowed upon us so that we may scale the heights of knowledge and virtue. These laws are the suns of guidance which your Gracious Lord has raised to show you the way to progress. They are the acid tests which distinguished a scholar from a fool, a worker from an idler, an expert from a novice, and the industrious from the indolent.

Pages 29-30
“Our God” by Mirza Bashir Ahmad

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