Truthful Religion is natural; science is not that natural

I find the following article at the blog “patheos” very interesting and informative:
“Is science more “unnatural” than religion?”
March 21, 2014 By Connor Wood

I give below its synopsis:

• “Robert McCauley, a philosopher and cognitive scientist at Emory University, thinks that religion is natural, but science isn’t.”
• McCauley has “outlined in a recent book – titled, aptly, Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not – is that religious beliefs arise from our basic, evolved cognitive predispositions and biases, while science is only possible when we struggle hard to overcome those biases. “
• “Cognitive scientists reason that the single most important feature of our ancestral environments was always other people. We learned how to hunt and fish from others, for example. As children, we learned our language from others. “
• “McCauley believes that maturationally natural systems get at the core difference between science and religion – religion relies on them, while science shuns them.”
• “Science, in other words, is hard. And religion is just what comes naturally.”

This is just to introduce to the article consisting of 1387 words, approximately. The viewers are suggested to read the article in original to form their own opinion independently and without bias.


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