God and His attributes form core teachings of every religion

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

All religions in the world invariably raise the question of God Almighty before us. God and His attributes form the very core of the teachings of every religion and billions of their followers believe their religions to have originated from God and to be based upon the Divine Word which has been revealed throughout the ages and has kept the world illuminated.

Though some teachings of these religions have been interpolated and corrupted, they were originally based on Divine Revelation. Hence, religions provide much more detailed, clear, and definite descriptions of the Being of God, than human nature or human reason.

In other words, the brief message contained in human nature and reason has been elaborated by revelation. Human nature and reason only hint at the possibility of the existence of God, but religion tells us as a matter of absolute certainty that we do have a God, Who is our Creator and Master and Who has sent us to this world for a special purpose.
The different religions may differ on many of their teachings, but they are in total agreement on the basic points. For example, they agree that the universe has a Creator and Master with complete control over our lives and that He has ordained some purpose for our lives and also taught us the ways and means to achieve it.

Religions teach that death is not the end of man’s life, rather there is another life after death in which we shall get a reward for the deeds of our present existence. This unanimous testimony of all religions brings forth the question of Almighty God in such a way that we are compelled to investigate and find answers.

If all the above claims made by different religions are true, then being unaware of God is the greatest loss we can possibly suffer in this world, for such ignorance would mean that we have lived our lives in vain. On the other hand, all religions claim that recognition of God and a strong relationship with Him is greater than all the gains which we can possibly acquire in this world. Establishing this relationship means that we have achieved the goal for which we were created, and that we have fulfilled the purpose of our lives. Hence we conclude that the search for God is so important that no sensible person can afford to ignore it for an instant.

After discussing the unanimous testimony of religions, I would like to say something in particular about the teachings of Islam. Islam tells us that we have One God, Who is our Creator and Master, and that He has brought us into existence from nothingness and it is He Who controls our lives. He wants us to achieve a higher status. He has made all kinds of provisions for our welfare.

Our God 21-23: word count 472
“Our God” by Mirza Bashir Ahmad


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