One’s belief in One-True-God should not change without concrete proofs and evidences

The viewers should access the following link to know the context of the discussion; and only then one should form one’s own sincere and independent opinion.

paarsurrey says:
April 6, 2014 at :
@(Matt) Brisancian : April 6, 2014

“Ah, I see the confusion. Consider the comments as coming from a pilgrim at two different places on a journey, and that may help.
The notion of thinking that God’s words can stand well was always my long held view of things as a Christian. That is, if the words of the biblical texts are from god, they will withstand any test.” Unquote

I think journey itself should keep one’s memory fresh; journey itself cannot negate one’s memory.

What concrete proofs and evidences you found in your journey that “One-True-God does not exist” which changed your belief in the One-True-God (Jesus is not God as per his core teachings that I have already quoted)?

I think you labored and suffered much but you did not make comparative study of religions and non-religions under some good principle on equal basis to both. You believe withered away without any good reason and if that is not the case then perhaps it should be still there.



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3 Responses to “One’s belief in One-True-God should not change without concrete proofs and evidences”

  1. archaeopteryx1 Says:

    I’m still waiting to see your evidence that there is only one true god —

    • paarsurrey Says:

      If there is any other God that you believe in then give its attributes and the proof and evidences for it.

      • archaeopteryx1 Says:

        Oh no, you don’t get to play that game – it is YOUR credo that claims “there is no other god but Allah,” and you need to defend it – prove that there are no other gods.

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