Christians say Jesus was “God’s Word”; yet Jesus did not write even a word for them

Our friend Jericho Brisance has written on his blog a brilliant post titled:
“Strictly Speaking, the Gospels are Anonymous” (w/ YouTube).

I give below a long excerpt from it :

“Religious traditions came first, and the Bible came later, at all points.

God’s Word

This dilapidated state of affairs is the expected outcome, since God’s texts have ever arrived by a circuitous route of dubious intermediaries. Here we owe ourselves and others a sanity check. On the Christian proposition, God himself had been here on earth for a good three decades. Yet he left us not a single written word. How likely is that? He could have written the gospel by his own hand. Or a few letters. Something. Anything. He was supposed to have been The Word.

He very likely had a literacy that exceeded his immediate disciples. It seems like communication of the written sort would have been something he could probably have managed. Given that Christianity was destined to be a religion grounded in religious texts, it sure would seem to clinch the deal if God himself wrote a few lines here and there.

We do not have “God’s Word” in the gospels. If Jesus had actually written something by his own hand, and if he had been who the Gospel of John claimed, then we would perhaps have a case for such a claim. But no. We have gospels – stories about Jesus. These are stories about what Jesus said – not Jesus’ words. They are stories about what Jesus did – not objective histories about the life and times of the Nazarene. And they are told as hero tales, as recounted by… whoever the authors actually were.” Unquote


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