Rational argumentation and Revelation both help to determine which religion is true

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“Do you think that rational argumentation is sufficient to determine which religion is true, if any?
-Brandon” Unquote

Reason is a bounty that the One-True-God has bestowed on us the human beings and it is common to everybody believers or non-believers. Some use it most while some don’t use it much. As one sees with eyes things that are physical and material; for inner reflection reason is sort of inner tool of seeing.

Reason of itself is blind; it always needs a conjugal partner to ascertain things. For things happened in the past reason needs history or archaeology etc., for the present one needs radio, television, newspaper and for future just a conjecture.

Human eyes cannot see things without light; human ear needs a medium to hear.

The conjugal partner of reason to find the one true God is Word of Revelation; neither science nor the scientific method. Science can only deal in the things material and physical; not even the spiritual things.

The one true God created everything physical, material and spiritual; and he is out of these realms or dimensions. He is everywhere with His attributes though.

With all its merits reason cannot lead one to certainty; the maximum reason can guide us to is that there should be a God; the Revelation leads one to certainty.

One should not believe in myths; myths could be reasoned out and that is very good.


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