Reason has its own limitations; it cannot go beyond

March 22, 2014 at 7:28 am

@captaincatholic ; March 20, 2014 at 5:15 pm
You’re helping me to understand Islam and I appreciate that. I suspect that, just as it is with Christianity, some adherents are stubborn and shallow in their thinking and say thoughtless things that sound completely outrageous to intelligent people who are honestly trying to get at the truth; whereas some (I would count you in this group) have done a little bit of thinking on their own and therefore look for a deeper meaning or a more profound truth behind the teachings of their own tradition.
I don’t think the religious split is between Muslims and Christians and Jews and Atheists and . I think the religious split is between the narrow minded and the open minded in any system of belief.” Unquote

I think I agree with you; except that the Atheists say that they don’t follow any belief system; if I have correctly understood them.

It is good that they prefer reason and that is good, not a bad thing; it is one bounty that the One-True-God has bestowed us the human beings and is common to everybody, some use it most while some don’t use it much. As one sees with eyes things that are physical and material; for inner reflection reason is sort of inner tool of seeing.

Like eyes cannot see clearly even things material and physical that are very close or that are far-off from the eyes; so the reason has its limitations also; it cannot go beyond that.

One should not believe in myths; myths could be reasoned out and that is very good.
I think you are a reasonable Catholic Christian.

Pleasure to meet you

Thanks and regards

P.S.I visited your blog.

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