Purpose of Life: Heaven and Hell


March 20, 2014 at 12:23 pm

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“Furthermore, what does Islam teach about Heaven and Hell? Who will go there? As you’ve spent time interacting with people of many different faiths, do you think all non-Muslims deserve to go to Hell? Again, where does mercy and grace fit within such a system?”

There is a purpose of life set forth by the One-True-God; one who fulfills it gets to heaven or attains nearness to God and gets happiness due to this nearness.

Those who don’t fulfill the purpose of life when they realize that it was within their reach to achieve it but they are far away from it; the torment of that realization is their Hell.

“Absence of comfort is torment and the recovery of comfort and prosperity is salvation. As darkness means absence of light, suffering means absence of well-being. Illness is the name of the condition when the body does not function properly and health is the name of the condition when all natural functions revert to normal. When the spiritual condition of a person moves away from the normal, this disturbance is called torment.

When a limb like a hand or foot moves away from its proper position a pain is felt and the limb becomes unable to perform its allotted function and if it is neglected it gradually becomes useless or becomes infected and falls away. Very often there is apprehension of its neighboring limbs being affected also. The pain that this limb generates does not come from outside but results naturally from its diseased condition.

The same is the case with spiritual torment. When a person departs from the religion of nature and loses steadfastness, spiritual torment begins, though an ignorant heedless one may not feel it. In that condition the affected soul is disabled from performing spiritual service. If this condition lasts for a time the soul becomes useless and becomes dangerous for its neighbors.

The torment with which it is afflicted does not come from outside, but is generated by its diseased condition. No doubt it is the act of God, but it is like the case when a person takes a fatal dose of arsenic, God Almighty kills him. Or when a person shuts all the windows of his room, God Almighty makes the room dark, or if a person were to cut off his tongue, God Almighty would deprive him of the power of speech. These are all the acts of God which follow upon the acts of man.

In the same way, spiritual torment is the act of God Almighty which follows upon a person’s own action. This is indicated in the verse: It is Allah’s kindled fire which rises over the hearts (I04:8). This means that the root of the torment is in the heart of man and that the impure thoughts of the heart are the fuel of this hell. As the seed of the torment is the foulness of one’s being which becomes personified as torment, it follows that that which removes this torment is righteousness and purity.”

It is also reasonable to believe that hell is not eternal in the same sense as heaven is eternal; hell is like a hospital where the wrong-doers will get opportunity to get cured from their sins or wrong thoughts; and ultimately its inmates will come out like a child comes out the womb of a mother when it is due to be delivered.
Quran also gives us a hint on it:

[101:7] Then, as for him whose scales are heavy,
[101:8] He will have a pleasant life.
[101:9] But as for him whose scales are light,
[101:10] Hell will be his nursing mother.


We don’t judge anybody; the heaven is for all the human beings who have true faith in Him and do good deeds. It is His Mercy and at His discretion and His judgment.

If one wants to know details about Heaven, Hell and the Purpose of life one could access the following:

17- HEAVEN AND HELL Pages 427-460
Excerpts from the writing of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


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