How to study Quran for a meaningful discussion?

March 18, 2014 at 10:39 pm

@BOBBIERILEYJR says:March 17, 2014 at 10:48 pm

“This is getting a tad tiresome.”

It is not at all difficult; and not at all tiresome.

I think that you have not intently studied Quran yourself previously and have adopted the objections from some other website source or a book. The second hand study is never appropriate and correct for research or search.

Whenever I wanted to know something about other religions I always studied the scripture of that religion by myself and only then commented on that religion.

If that is the case; there is no harm to study it now or to study it again.

The Holy Quran: Chapter 5: Al-Ma’idah is not very long. Please start studying it from the very first verse to finish at its end; then again read and while reading whatever the question arises naturally to you kindly write it down on a paper. If the question gets clear in the subsequent verses please cancel the question; and this way please finish the chapter; till the whole contents of the chapter are very clear to you.

This may take two or three days or even less; but it is worthwhile trying it.

We could discuss the verses under discussion afterwards.

No hurry, please.

It is just a friendly discussion.

Other friends are also welcome to adopt the same measure.

Thanks and regards

Paarsurrey said:

@JOHN ZANDE : March 27, 2014 at 11:52 am
“We’ve already proven that Mo didn’t know … he was talking about.” Unquote

Muhammad talked of the Message he had received from the One-True-God.

Have you read that Message from beginning to the end yourselves? If you haven’t read it; then your information is based on hearsay.

Am I right?

Please do reply if you like to; no compulsion however.

Everybody is suggested to read the Recitation from the beginning to the end; it is not a voluminous recitation.

Or one should select a chapter and read it at least from the beginning to the end. Please have a note-book with you while intently reading it. One should write down the valid question arising in one’s mind very naturally; this is not prohibited. If the context make the questions clear or one realizes that one’s question is not valid; one could delete it and proceed further.

This way one would be appropriately prepared for a meaningful discussion.

This is my sincere advice.



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