Continuous insistence of New Atheists to shift burden of proof on to others only shows their standpoint is weak

I wrote a post on the following blog; the viewers are welcome to give their valuable opinions even if they differ.


paarsurrey says:
March 15, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Quote: “I am an ordinary man in the street without any claim to piety or scholarship. I don’t bother for any burden of proof; there is no burden on me in this connection. ”
I admire your humility.
However, we do not need to have qualifications to have to posses any burden of proof, as long as you are asserting your claim to be the truth, then the burden of proof is on you.
However, if you are keeping the belief strictly to yourself, then yes, I agree that you have no need to prove anything.” Unquote

Paarsurrey says: I don’t agree with you. There was a time when Atheists mostly kept silent; then they could say to the evangelizing Christians, Muslims or others to present their proofs/evidences to them if they were attempting to evangelize them; that could have made a sense, as you say, I think.

Now there is no dearth of evangelizing New Atheists; so their excuse for not presenting evidences is stretching the burden of proof point too much; that is why I say their continuous insistence to it shows that their viewpoint is weak.

Quote,” They (the Atheists) start the discussion of the burden of proof; and that exposes them, in my opinion, that their position is weak and in fact not a valid standpoint.
I do not understand why the burden of proof exposes our position of questioning your claim as weak or invalid. Do explain.”

Paarsurrey says: I think I have sufficiently explained it above.

I want to make one thing clear here. I am not in a debate to win from you or anybody else necessarily. I just want to understand and want to come on the same page with the Atheists for co-existence in this world peacefully without an ill

Thanks and regards


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