Thanks to God, the Bestower of life

I wrote a post on the following blog; the viewers could add their valuable comments to it.

“Insh’allah: My Muslim Lesson”

03/14/2014 at 4:53 pm

@ Sabio Lantz

“My home-stay Pakistani family consisted of a Muslim couple with two teenage boys living in a poor Shiite village outside of Lahore. When I arrived, my Urdu was very bad but my ‘father’ spoke some English to help me get started. My ‘mom’, however, was uneducated, spoke no English and made little eye-contact at first.”

I am happy to learn that you stayed in a village near Lahore. I have lived quite sometimes in a village where still the barter system was on vogue. Hardly any money was needed to sell or purchase a thing. One could give a bowlful of wheat to purchase a thing.

Natural living; knowing everybody very closely

But now everything has changed.

Both ways it is good.

Thanks to God, the Bestower of life.


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