Playing politics “in the name of Atheism” rather than sticking to reason and tolerance

Paarsurrey at blog: “Confessions Of A YEC”

“Mis-quoting others, atheists being dicks”

paarsurrey | March 6, 2014 at 20:09

@ confessionsofayec

“Now this particular individual is rather outspoken and like to say things that shock and will argue them until the other party gives up. Some of his posts and comments are so abrasive that my wife has blocked his comments from showing on her feed. He certainly isn’t the type to admit a mistake easily, so I wasn’t particularly surprised when his response to my correction was to reply that whoever said it, it was effing funny.

It is this kind of atheist that, sadly, gives the rest of us a bad name and it is this kind of mentality that, also sadly, many people of a religious persuasion imagine when they think of atheists. I know that is the sort of person I thought most atheists were because that is what I had been warned about many times growing up.

The truth of course, is that this is not characteristic of most atheists, it is simply that this is the kind of atheist that gets noticed the most.” Unquote

I don’t think there are many serious and positive atheists anymore. From the time they had started sort of following Richard Dawkins as their leader; under his direction they have adopted derision and ridicule as their prime tool of “Atheistic preaching”; this has taken them afar from reason and dialogue. This has made them stubborn, arrogant and intolerant of others. They enjoy fellow atheists who support them and sort of reassure them of their ideology “atheism”.
I would say the new-atheists; about 99% of them have become like this.

One other dilemma of a universal divide is that the Atheists almost collectively are siding with the religious extremists; that they are bent upon proving that Religions teach violence even to the moderate adherents of religions; I don’t know what benefit accrues to them from this.

In my opinion they are creating a wrong religious phobia.

If there had been people with vested interests who played politics “in the name of religion”, now there are people who play politics “in the name of Atheism” and the like; flip side of the same coin.

Of course on could differ with me; but that is my experience with the Atheists.

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