Do you think maybe Jesus was resuscitated instead of coming back from the dead>?

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Do you think maybe jesus was resuscitated instead of coming back from the dead>?
Devane asked 6 years ago
they say jesus was dead and rose again but what if he was never dead in the first place

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paarsurrey answered 6 years ago


I think Jesus never died on the Cross, he was put on the Cross, nevetheless he was delivered from it unconscious but alive.His friends who endeavoured to save his life, they manouvered events, in such ways that made it possible to save his life with the help of GodAllahYHWH who always helps his messengers in the tribulations against all odds.

Jesus’ friends asked for the body of Jesus from the Pilate and when their request was acceded to by Pilate, they took him hurriedly to a tomb; they did not take him to bury in a grave, they knew that the man is alive, to bury him in a grave would suffocate him and make him dead. No, they took him into a spacious tomb where he was laid and treatment of his injuries on Cross was done there. When Jesus gained consciousness and strength enough for a journey they helped him to come out of the tomb. They were the angels whom the women saw.

So, it is a case of resuscitation, in my opinion.

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I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim
Jesus in India by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908
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