“Pope Francis: Islam and the Quran are opposed to every form of violence”2

I wrote comments on the blog “Dwindling In Unbelief” on the topic “Pope Francis: Islam and the Quran are opposed to every form of violence”; that could be viewed by clicking the following links:


paarsurrey said…
@Steve Wells : Mon Feb 10, 03:39:00 PM 2014

Thank you for informing me that you live in the USA. It is a good state to live in; and many of my kith and kin live there and enjoy life there.

Please again peruse the verses of Quran I have quoted; you may read as many verses before them and after them as you like; you will realize that the verses don’t discuss anybody’s conversion to Islam by force; this is not all the subject matter of the verses.

Quran is for ethical, moral and spiritual up-lift of the human beings; it has got nothing to do with ruling any territory/ies and grabbing power.

The verses are general for everybody Muslim or non-Muslim. A Muslim who is cruel and jealous of others and persecutes others for the bounties others have got; he is as fit to receive the punishment and wrath of the One-True-God as those who don’t believe in Islam. This is exactly mentioned in the verses. In fact terrorism and its punishment is discussed in them, not literally but in so many words.

It is for this that I wrote you “to prove that the teachings mentioned in the verses are against the norms of the society and are violent”.

Thanks for joining the discussion; others could also join the discussion if they don’t agree with me.

After all it is a friendly discussion.

Tue Feb 11, 07:41:00 AM 2014

paarsurrey said…
@ Steve Wells : Tue Feb 11, 09:50:00 AM 2014

Regarding Cutting of leg Please read the following:

Leg Amputation

When you have a blockage or narrowing of the arteries supplying your legs, the circulation to your legs is reduced. You may have developed pain in your foot or feet waking you at night, ulceration, or black areas on your toes, feet or leg.
If severe arterial disease is left untreated, the lack of blood circulation will cause the pain to increase. Tissue in the leg will die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients, which leads to infection and gangrene. In some cases, gangrene can be very dangerous as the infection can spread through the body and become life-threatening.
Amputation is always a last resort and will only be recommended if your surgeon has decided it is not possible to improve the circulation in any other way.
The main sites of amputation are;
• Just below the knee
• Through the knee
• Through the thigh
The site of amputation will depend on how poor the blood supply to your leg is. If possible, below knee amputations are performed, as it is easier to walk with an artificial limb after the operation. However, many people do well after a thigh amputation. The following information will help to explain the procedure of leg amputation:


Do you think the Doctor who operates and cuts off a leg infected by gangrene; he does a cruel act?

Wed Feb 12, 01:26:00 PM 2014



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