“Cyber Dialogue: The Future of Inter-Religious Engagement”

“PATHEOS” have provided a platform where adherents of different religions get together and share their views for peaceful co-existence in this world; they have given different articles under series “Future of Religion”.

I have written a comment on one of the articles “Cyber Dialogue: The Future of Inter-Religious Engagement” By Joshua M. Z. Stanton. I give below a link to the article and a passage from it together with my comments for benefit of the viewers of this blog.



“In fact, social networking sites may be of tremendous help to religious communities. They bring together people with strong religious convictions more than ever before. Just have a look at the “Jesus Daily” fanpage on Facebook, which has almost 3,000,000 members, or the fanpage for “Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him),” which has nearly 130,000. Imagine a religious congregation with 130,000 or even 3,000,000 members! The hundreds of thousands of people gathering on these fanpages are truly becoming a community of people looking for religious inspiration and companionship, who have found it together online.” Unquote


I like the article and I intend to publish a passage from it with a link to this article on my blog “paarsurrey” ; my blog is also for inter-faith and inter-religious dialogue.

Thanks and regards.



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