Reformation: A Collective Responsibility & Effort

Friday Sermon: Reformation: A Collective Responsibility & Effort
Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

The sermon is in Urdu; its translation is available in following language; please click the language of your choice given on the above link.

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The first source of reformation of practices is strength of resolve or strength of faith. Prophets of God come to inculcate this; they demonstrate fresh and living signs of God. Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) said that the abundance with which our Jama’at has fresh signs of God before it is matchless. There is no other religion apart from Islam with signs of ever-fresh Word of God, living miracles and signs demonstrating the existence of God which cleanse human hearts from all kind of adulteration and grant it knowledge and closeness of God.

Why is it that we can debate the matter of death of Jesus(as) in minute detail and can produce reference upon reference before the detractors and silence them but similar effort has not been made by the religious scholars of the Jama’at to present the correct teaching of the Jama’at before it! As a result, there are people in the Jama’at who can respond to the matter of death of Jesus(as) very well and can respond to objections raised by Maulwis.

We need to find out and analyse how many of us are eager as regards worship of God! Not just in Ramadan, or sit Itikaf in Ramadan and simply relate it for the rest of the year. Rather, by making this love of worship a part of our life throughout the year so that we have nearness of God on a permanent basis. How many of us experience acceptance of prayers through God’s love and to whom He speaks? Having accepted the Promised Messiah(as), it is the obligation of every Ahmadi to try and attain this level for he came to bring about this very revival of Islam.

In terms of worldly matters people copy and emulate others but we do not emulate and copy in religious matters. We do not emulate the model of the Promised Messiah(as) and his companions in doing which there is no question of incurring any loss, in fact there is immeasurable gain! What is the reason then, that we do not emulate these models?

Our missionary from Kyrgyzstan writes that an Umer Sahib who is now 58 years old took his Bai’at in 2002. He was a born Muslim but held communist views. Umer Sahib says that the day he took his Bai’at was a memorable day which he equates to a new birth. He had tried many other religious communities but found no change in himself. Since taking Bai’at he has undergone a spiritual revolutionary change.

The second factor for reformation of practices is strength of knowledge or having knowledge. Sometimes it is erroneously thought that some sins are big and others small. As a result it gets embedded in one’s heart and mind that some sins are small and inconsequential. Attention was drawn in a recent sermon that some asylum seekers make false submissions in their cases. Not only do they harm their own case, they are also a cause of disrepute of the Jama’at.

Death of Nawab Bibi Sahiba and Sheikh Abdul Rasheed Sherma Sahib.


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