Self-Reformation: Resolve, Faith & Rehabilitation

Friday Sermon: Self-Reformation: Resolve, Faith & Rehabilitation
Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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As we have established, the first thing needed for reformation of practices is strength of resolve. What is strength of resolve? Many will say strength of resolve is self-explanatory, it is obviously the strength to resolve and conclude something, then why the question! Let it be clear, as Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) has beautifully explained, that the connotation of strength of resolve alters in accordance with the action it is about. With this basic point in mind, we can appreciate that in religious matters strength of resolve is iman (belief).

The Companions used to drink alcohol and we know what alcohol does to people. Those living in these [Western] countries often see drunks out and about. There is a drunk who roams the streets around our Fazl Mosque. He carries nothing but cans of alcoholic drinks and his clothes are filthy. Huzoor came to know that he is an educated man who perhaps once was an engineer. He does not work now, is perhaps of pensionable age.

A Tradition relates that once before the commandment regarding prohibition of alcohol was revealed, Companions were drinking in a house. They had emptied one pitcher of alcohol and were about to open the second when a voice came from the street that the Holy Prophet(saw) had said that God had commanded him that consumption of alcohol was prohibited for Muslims from that day onwards.

There was a time when effort was made to prohibit public consumption of alcohol in USA. It turned people to consume spirits which is harmful and people started dying. Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) wrote that because there was lack of faith the worldly law did not work. The government then passed a law which made alcohol available on doctor’s permission justifying its use. As a result thousands of doctors started writing bogus certificates to boost their income until the law had to capitulate.

Let it be clear that there are some reasons for weakness in capacity to implement matters. For example, habit. A person may have strength of resolve and also knowledge but owing to his habit, he shows weakness in his practice. A person knows that God’s nearness and love can be attained, but his love for material things or fear of material loss is overpowering and he is thus deprived of God’s love and nearness. For such people external rather than internal remedy is required and it alone can bring betterment to their capacity to implement matters.

In any case there are three types of people in this world and there are [spiritual] ailments. There are people whose practices are weak because their faith is not complete. There are people whose practices are weak because their knowledge is not complete and then there are people who have faith and knowledge but their hearts are so corroded that both these aspects are not sufficient and they need support.
Martyrdom of Arsalan Sarwar in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


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