I don’t debate to win or lose

If one debates to win; I declare him the winner beforehand and say to him “now let us discuss on the topic”.

I am an ordinary man in the street. I have no claims to piety or any scholarship. I have my own life, I am not impressed by others. Be they experts, scholars, scientists or whatever. I do respect them but I don’t have to follow them.

I have my own right to live and find my way to the Truth.

I certainly have a position which has reached me naturally. I do defend it, but I am open to accept other’s opinions if I am myself convinced that they are right. If others mock at me or ridicule me; I take it as if they have no further reasonable argument to offer and hence they have resorted to ridicule.

I don’t debate; if I see that the discussion is leading to a debate; I withdraw myself from it. This becomes obvious when in a discussion with a group only one person is left to discuss.
I don’t feel that I am under any compulsion to convince others to my side.

Such a position arose when I wrote to discuss on the topic “Did Jews Borrow Greek Myths: 3 examples” at Triangulations:http://triangulations.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/did-jews-borrow-greek-myths-3-examples/.

I believe that core teachings of every revealed religion has always been the same. Belief in the oneness of the One-True-God; and no belief in any other God/s; believing in the truthfulness of the messenger prophet of the time from God and obeying the prophet of the time in the path for reaching to the One-True-God. This is the core of every religion, whatever the name of religion at a certain point in time.
This position has been termed by a fellow blogger as “an all-inclusive” or being one from the “Inclusivists” as against the “Exclusivists”.

I still maintain my position and would have continued with that; but the discussion turned towards “the preservation of Quran and as to how it was collected”. I have written many posts on this topic in my blog before and also on other discussion forums and restating it on the “triangulation” blog would have been off-topic; considering it as derailment from the topic.

I would therefore request all the friends on the Triangulations; be they Atheists or Theists to Google “Paarsurrey: collection ,compilation and preservation of Quran”; they will get enough stuff to help them understand my point of view on it.

From another angle; I am also going to discuss it in one or more of my future posts in my blog; they can join to benefit from it.

No debate please. If one is eager to debate with me just to win; I declare him the winner before hand; now let us discuss it all.


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