Plug: The Confidence of Jerry Coyne

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Ross Douthat has been involved in an interchange with Jerry Coyne. I thought this comment was a very good response to the New Atheist position in general.

I tend to agree that, so long as Coyne and others continue to do exactly the things that Douthat accuses him of doing, their movement will do more to foster interest in religion than destroy it.

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One Response to “Plug: The Confidence of Jerry Coyne”

  1. paarsurrey Says:


    January 14th, 2014 at 10:26 am

    @ Arkenaten’s comments

    Quoting your words:

    “Coyne is probably correct in his assessment that the universe displays no purpose, but humans are not purposeless, and are able to create their own purpose ( if I have understood him correctly, from the piece).”.

    A purposeless universe giving birth to humans who could create their own purposes; isn’t it a weird concept?


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