Atheists! Do you have any evidences that the One-True-God does not exists?

Dan Wilkinson has written a post on the “Patheos” blog on January 9, 2014 titled “Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth”; the post could be viewed by the viewers of Paarsurrey blog at the following link:

I have contributed many comments on the post; some of them have already been published in my blog “paarsurrey” together with the comments of those who have commented on my comments; yet more are given below for the benefit of the viewers of this blog and the public:

paarsurrey @ Mike De Fleuriot

I believe in the One-True-God very naturally; like I believe in me and my mother and father. I am an ordinary man in the street; with no claim to piety or scholarship. I do have a right to live my life as others have theirs. It is quite natural and reasonable for me to continue believing as such till somebody convinces me otherwise with observations and evidences.
If you have any evidences that the One-True-God does not exists; and that I and my mother and father never existed; you may like to present such evidences; yet under no compulsion from me.

Rick_K @ paarsurrey

You have evidence for a mother and father that cannot be justified through any other explanation. The same cannot be said of your evidence for God.
If you were born not in a western country in the 20th Century but instead you were born in the highlands of New Guinea in the 14th Century, you would feel just as confident of the pantheon of animal spirits and tribe-specific deities as you are currently confident of the One True God. And again, that belief of those deities would be based on evidence very different from the evidence of your parents.
I’m just sayin’….

paarsurrey @ Rick_K

Please give your evidence that the One-True-God (Allah Yahweh Ahura-Mazda Parmeshwara Ishawara) does not exist; I won’t leave my present default natural position; unless there are strong evidence/s against it and I get convinced to it.


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6 Responses to “Atheists! Do you have any evidences that the One-True-God does not exists?”

  1. jasonjshaw Says:

    There likely will never be evidence to prove or disprove the greatest power(s) that everything comes from. Religions will more likely one day be accepted for what they are, cultural traditions.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      Though religion has cultural value also yet one day most of the people will ultimately believe the truthful religion and follow the path that leads to the One-True-God (Allah Yahweh Ahura-Mazda Parmeshawara Ishawara.

      • jasonjshaw Says:

        All religions have elements of truth. All religions are misinterpreted to cause harm to others as well. I think that is a pretty clear indication that a true religion has not been developed yet.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        I don’t agree with you.

        The Truthful Religion or the Religion in Truth has always existed and it very much exists even now; only the people don’t understand or they opt to politicize it and make it to look harmful to humanity for their own vested interests; like the Terrorists are doing “in the name of religion” or “in the name of God”; while they neither lawfully represent Religion nor the One-True-God (Allah Yahweh Aura-Mazda, Parmeshawara, Ishawara).

        Religion is path that leads to the One-True-God; since God has always existed; so as long as the humans exist, the path leading to Him will also exist.

      • jasonjshaw Says:

        Alright, I’ll accept that, the path leading to God will and always has existed, and that path is what every religion has set out to make sense of based on cultural understandings. Some see God as multiple entities, some see God as singular, some see all of existence as a part of God. But really, it’s all the same thing.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        “Some see God as multiple entities, some see God as singular, some see all of existence as a part of God. But really, it’s all the same thing.”

        Co-existence between the differing people is another thing; but if one has to tread the path to God; then one has to find out if God originally guided and revealed actually that what is being said otherwise one would get mislead or astray from the truthful path and one cannot reach the destination.

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