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62cafc9cdbea12b5842369d4152da9c30cd0f6b016bc6f232b2c144b67d63efdAtheist Chris Arnade has written an article which has garnered some attention. In it, he talks about the shift in his view of religion.

Though he remained an atheist, he’s come to believe that religion can be a very positive thing–giving hope to those most in need of it. I definitely agree. In fact, I’ve made a very similar case in the past.

But, what interests me is the idea that this may be a sign of a bigger shift. If my personal experience is a good indicator (always a big “if”), then there are many atheists who have moved from zealous anti-theist to something much more resonant with Arnade’s closing words:

I want to go back to [my] 16-year-old self and tell him to shut up with the “see how clever I am attitude”. I want to tell him to appreciate how easy he had it, with a path…

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