Are Atheists committed to reason as reason could go reasonably?

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Although I have come to an a-theist way of thinking, and cannot foresee my self changing from that for now, provided I get the same acceptance and respect for having that view my acceptance and respect is held out in return.
It is only in the face of adamant claims that I stand my ground.

paarsurrey posted :

I appreciate if they the Atheists accept reason and are committed to it as far as reason could go reasonably; to that extent the Truthful Religion does accommodate them within its folds; beyond that even reason would leave alone.
I don’t despise Atheists; I don’t judge anybody.

jonnycomelately posted :

Just curious: you are using that word Atheist as a noun, with a capital A. Presumably there is some kind of militant organisation behind that.

Please don’t group me in with it. I have no need to “belong” to any such organisation. I prefer to do my own thinking, my own choosing and my own discussion.

Please note I used “a-theist” with intention. It describes my thinking, it does not put a label on me. There might be some things i would agree with if discussing with those “Atheists,” but no more, no less, than I might with anyone of any religion. Currently I do not align with any of them and prefer to direct my thinking along Buddhist (adjective again) lines.

But please keep the dialogue and the freedom of expression going.


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