Truthful religion

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paarsurrey posted :
Just to remind that the topic of the thread is “All revealed religions in the origin are truthful”.
Please focus on the topic.


Does that include Islamic believers trying to say that Islam and Christianity are equally true?


Nobody says that; what is correct is that Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad; their Word of Revelation being from the same one source in the original language revealed was equally truthful.


I am beginning to agree with you. At last, thank you for sharing with us.

paarsurrey posted :

Thank for your appreciation.


Although I have come to an a-theist way of thinking, and cannot forsee my self changing from that for now, provided I get the same acceptance and respect for having that view my acceptance and respect is held out in return.
It is only in the face of adamant claims that I stand my ground.

paarsurrey posted :

Truthful religion respect everybody.
One has to investigate to find the Truth.


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