Christian beliefs in a nutshell

Paaarsurrey says:

Jesus did not believe in Trinity; he never spoke this word from his mouth. Who was he afraid of?

Christianity Simplified

In my time learning about Christianity, I’ve found that the belief system essentially encompasses 3 basic ideas: Forgiveness, Thankfulness, and Love/Respect.

FORGIVENESS – Knowing we can be forgiven and being forgiving of others. It’s about communicating honestly and taking responsibility for your actions. It’s also about realizing that everyone is trying their best regardless of how poorly it comes across and knowing they can take responsibility for their actions when they realize the impact and negative results of their sins/mistakes.

THANKFULNESS – Praying is a key part of it. It’s about focusing on the positives.

LOVE/RESPECT – The Holy Trinity comes into play here. I’ve discovered it can be turned metaphorical.
– Loving the Father – or loving God is all about respecting the greater powers of the world/universe of which we do not understand – Respecting all of the external forces upon us
– Loving the…

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3 Responses to “Christian beliefs in a nutshell”

  1. jasonjshaw Says:

    Interesting thought! I agree that Jesus’ focus was on God (the father) above all, but I can understand the connection of the idea of the Trinity and how it developed from the things Jesus said and taught.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      Why put words in the mouth of Jesus which he never spoke? Was he an inferior god or son of god?

      • jasonjshaw Says:

        He spoke of the Father, he spoke of the Holy Spirit and he spoke of himself as a means to go through to get to God. That seems plenty in order for the concept to come to be. But Jesus did tend to point to Father to be the ultimate focus rather than himself. Christianity seems to like to overlook this.

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