Buddha did not Support Atheism/Skepticism in any concrete terms

Buddha did not Support Atheism/Skepticism in any concrete terms; if one differs with me then one should quote from Buddha where he supported Atheism/Skepticism specifically and unequivocally.

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“The Garden of Eden was in Congo ”


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paarsurrey says:

December 25, 2013 at 14:22

So , please don’t mind it; you don’t have anything concrete from Buddha supporting Atheism/Skepticism.

It is just your impression that Buddha discussed here about the Truthful Revealed Religions; he has discussed here the corrupted version of the religions and of those who don’t believe in any altogether.

If one finds after observation and analysis that Atheism/Skepticism don’t agrees with reason and it is conducive to the good and benefit of the humanity not to accept them; then one is doing this within the scope of the general teaching of Buddha for not accepting Atheism/Skepticism.

Kindly give some concrete quotation from Buddha in support of Atheism/Skepticism. Please

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