The TRUTH behind that Facebook ‘like’ button; scams and hoaxes!

Paarsurrey says:
You mean the societies of UK and America prefer blind faith rather than faith?

The Endoskeptic

QUESTION 1:  How often do you share or receive a news-item, an interesting video, an offer for free electrical equipment, or even a picture accompanied by the words “click like and type 1 in the comments section and see the magic happen…”

QUESTION 2:  How confident are you that what you’re sharing or reading on your newsfeed is actually rooted in truth, rather than a complete fabrication designed for the sole purpose of manipulating, exploiting and confusing you?!

We have become a nation that accepts what we’re told without questioning the detail, often on blind faith alone.  Faith, by definition, is to make a virtue without thinking.  In this information age, it is essential that we are able to distinguish between information and MISinformation!

This post presents a tautology on the importance of thinking critically, always, and as such this is one of…

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