Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra?

I re-blogged the following post in my blog one could view it at the following link:
“Words Have Meaning, Mr. Chopra”

The comments exchanged are given below:

paarsurrey says:

Reblogged this on paarsurrey and commented:
Paarsurrey says: I neither agree with Deepak Chopra nor with the Atheists; both the groups are off the path of reality.

Cayce says:

“The Atheists”? Those who define themselves as “atheist” are not a part of a group, like defining yourself by a religious belief. Harkening to the title of my post, words have meaning; in this case, “a-theism”–the absence of a belief in the existence of a god or gods.

Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra? If not, you’re an atheist. Some of us simply believe in one less god than you.

Hunt FOR Truth says:

Happy Holidays

paarsurrey says:

Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra?
Cayce says:

What? Why post a , absurd reply?

paarsurrey says:

Why discourage questioning; so loved by the Atheists? Have a heart please.
Cayce says:

I encourage with the intent to further knowledge.

Not random gibberish.

paarsurrey says:

What knowledge do you have and from what absolute source? Do you have more knowledge than Newton?


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7 Responses to “Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra?”

  1. Cayce Says:

    Nice misrepresentation of the dialogue and passive-aggressive response to criticism.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      I don’t get you; please elaborate.
      You may correct the misrepresentation, if any.

      • Cayce Says:

        *head* *desk* *bambambambambam*

        Are you seriously this thick? Compare the language of the comments on my site with the revised syntax posted here.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        English is not my mother tongue; please be light and don’t mind to elaborate.
        I may revise my words if you are reasonable. Are you?

      • Cayce Says:

        I am reasonable. But I do not tolerate stupidity, and no one should.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        Please don’t mind; how would you define stupidity?

      • Cayce Says:

        Remaining willfully ignorant. Saying “I don’t know” or displaying incorrect knowledge of a topic, but refusing to research and become educated on the topic due to apathy, lethargy, or stubbornness.

        You have displayed great ignorance concerning atheism. Yet, instead of researching it and gaining knowledge, you ask nonsense questions irrelevant to the topic.

        You have access to the entire world’s collection of information at your hands. It is stupidity to not utilize it.

        In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

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