Biblical Criticism: A sheep bleats

clapham common tree

ImageIt’s not uncommon these days to hear people claim, “it’s now proven that the Bible isn’t true, or that X or Y didn’t write such or such a book of the Bible”. This is particularly rife in so-called Liberal-Christianity, and has been picked up on by many in the atheist and agnostic communities.

I suppose it’s understandable that these sorts of claims would be common among atheists. It’s less understandable to hear them in Christian circles.

After all, for the most part, it amounts to speculation about what happened thousands of years ago, and is, almost always, or as far as I can tell, always, based on speculation about what was or wasn’t going on at the time.

So I was particularly pleased when a friend pointed me to this excellent essay by noted Oxford professor, and much loved English author, CS Lewis on this very point.

I wish I could…

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