There is no proven connection between science and atheism

Fojap says well in his following post:
“What exactly is the relationship between science and atheism?”

Paarsurrey answers the question and comments:
Answer: There is none proven.

I gather this from the following words in the post.

1. “If I broaden “science” to include all stem fields, then I can find some atheists as well as a whole lot of practicing Christians, more Jews and at least one Wiccan with a degree in mathematics.”
2. “But all in all most of the atheists I know are not only not scientists, but they don’t even have an interest in it. Clearly, not only is an interest in science insufficient to turn you into an atheist, being an atheist does not imply an interest in science.”
3. “One reason I was always appreciative of the presence of Christopher Hitchens among those individuals who received attention for taking a public stance on atheism a few years ago is he had no connection to the scientific community.”
4. “Not believing is the absence of a state and needs no reason.”


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One Response to “There is no proven connection between science and atheism”

  1. Hunt FOR Truth Says:

    Someone cannot truly be an atheist and not have reasons — they may not be scientists, but anyone and everyone has dawning epiphany moments and everyone gets a tune up when they take themselves out of self-pity into service of others – be it their kids or customers or co-workers – etc. We ll have ‘spiritual’ moments that demonstrate that we are not an island – alone – and on our own. There is always the need to belong and it is in our makeup and in our instinct to survive — it came about for survival — but the ideal of love is another matter – that isn’t necessary. We don’t need such profound awareness — unless its divinely written into us.
    Just a few thoughts… thanks for posting this
    ~ Eric

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