Zoroastrianism: An Influence on Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

Good Shepherd Youth Ministries

The ancient, pre-Islamic tradition of Persia (modern Iran) is known as Zoroastrianism. Although Zoroastrianism was the “state religion” of the First Persian Empire, it survives isolated in areas populated with Zoroastrian Persian immigrants known as Parsis (or Parsees) and the tradition has become known as Parsiism. The number of contemporary adherents range from approximately 150,000 to 200,000 (depending on the source).

Zoroastrianism was founded in Persia (modern Iran) during the sixth century bce. It was founded by the Persian prophet/reformer Zarathustra (Greek: Zoroaster). His religious perspectives have and continue to heavily influence the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Zarathustra is accredited as the first, non-biblical monotheism.

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