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Paarsurrey says:
I like your journey in truth and in religion.
Islam is one of the greatest religions; please try to read Qur’an for yourself from the following link and form your own opinion:

Religion: More Ways Than One

Well, hello, world. Hope you’re listening.

Religion. For years it was one of the scariest words I could here. I was scared of it because I felt like I didn’t believe in anything and I felt like that was a really bad thing. I felt as if people would think I was a terrible person. But then I learned the beauty of true thought in 10th grade when I had a close friend who was an Atheist and I thought he was a wonderful person. His thought wasn’t confined by any perimeters of any religion and it was a very unique thing.

The other revolutionary thing that happened to me in 10th grade is I took a course called World History and we started the year off with first learning the basics about all the different world religions. I found this FASCINATING. The way people think and how it shapes them…

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