Revelation in Buddhism

Paarsurrey says:
Quoting from the above post:
“The very concept that there is an attainable state of awareness (called enlightenment) must be taken on faith in order to start along the way of the Buddha.” This awareness or enlightenment in other words may be described as Revelation, in my opinion. Buddha prophesied for future; this Prophecy is not possible without first believing that Buddha had revelation from the One-True-God Allah Yahweh.

Religion and the Honest Student

During my years of teaching, the thoughtful student often asked whether Buddhism could be excluded from the category of religion altogether as there are often no gods or concept of divinity to be found in many expressions of this rather elastic religion. buddha01In many books on religion the authors feel compelled to qualify Buddhism as more of a philosophy than a religion, or to single out Zen Buddhism and similar sects as expressions of Buddhism that are somehow separate from Buddhist religious practice.

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