The Future Of Religion

Paarsurrey says:

I don’t agree with you; though in a way you have described the tussle between Paul’s modern “Christianity”- definitely a misnomer, and the Atheism in the West correctly. The above phenomenon in the West does not present a true picture of the truthful religion.

Atheism will demolish Paul’s Christianity which was a myth carved out of the thin air by Paul and does not represent Jesus or his teachings.

The destruction of Christianity does not prove that Atheism has any sound and valid foundation either; it is itself based on simple superstition and hides for refuge under Science; yet science refuses to provide any refuge to Atheism.

There are some intelligent Christians who know that they cannot defend Christianity under the situation and hence in response they expose the superstitious foundation of Atheism; and believe me that they are equally good at it.

So Christianity and Atheism will nullify each other in the interim strife period.


Whistling In The Wind

The religions of the world are in serious decline. Each generation is less religious than the last and the grip of the Church is being steadily weakened. Ireland used to be the most religious country in Europe, yet even here religion is being eroded away. The simple fact is that religion’s future is one of decline into insignificance as the older generations die off and young fail to take their place. Churches are facing a crisis in even finding members to join as priests and the closing of churches will soon be a common sight. Within 50 to 100 years religion will be but a shadow of what it once was, a mere footnote belonging to a forgotten time.

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