How My Parents Became Atheists

Paarsurrey says:

So your parents became Atheists as they did not believe in the Christian-God “Trinity” invented by Paul and the Church; that does not prove that the one true God whom Jesus used to call as God-the-Father was not true.
Your story does not mention of any positive or valid evidence that your parents had with them in this connection.


I’ve mentioned in various places that I was raised without a religion. I’ve described my father as an atheist and my mother as an agnostic, although she sometimes uses the word atheist as well. When I read blogs written by people who call themselves atheist, it seems that almost everyone has a post describing how and why he or she became an atheist, everyone except me. So I’m feeling a little left out of the party. Furthermore, it seems that there are fewer atheists in the United States than I would have thought, so I thought it might be worthwhile to describe for everyone how my parents became atheists. This is the story as it was related to me.

It might surprise everyone to know that my sister and I were both baptised, however I have no recollection of this event. I understand that’s typical. One Sunday morning some years…

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