Paul is the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Paul was the seed of the Anti-Christ. Paul is the founder of Modern Christianity; and the “Christianity” is a misnomer, it has nothing to do with Christ or Jesus or his teachings.


Paul is the false prophet who stood in his name and against whom Jesus fore-warned his friends. Paul is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Church is an associate of Paul; and hence the spread of Paul’s Christianity by Church is the form in which the seed flourished in full later.


Jesus’ Second Coming is to uproot this false growth in the world established in his name unauthorized.


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14 Responses to “Paul is the wolf in sheep’s clothing”

  1. john zande Says:

    My Indian friend… i have a blog post which i would love to get you involved in. It’s about the resurrection, and i know you have very strong opinions about the subject. Could you please pop over and enlighten these Christians about what Muslims believe. Thank you in advance.


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