Why can’t theists and New Atheists have a meaningful dialogue?

Paarsurrey says:
I think discussion and dialogue is always possible if the Atheists stick to reason and don’t use foul words instead.

Questionable Motives

religious confusionIn a nutshell, because theists alone try to moderate it.

I like to comment on other sites, like the give and take of a truncated argument where different people become involved and the original post can be explored in detail. This can be rewarding not just for the participants but for the host who can sometimes gather more hits to a site as they follow along. But sometimes I grow weary of  writing comments to start this kind of thread that end up going into moderation never to be seen again. Most religious sites are notorious for their moderation of comments, where the most outlandish and rude commentary is allowed when in support of the web site author but strangled when it becomes critical supposedly because of ‘militant’ tone!

I commented over at Just Thomism in response to a post about why the claim that ‘science destroys creation myths

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2 Responses to “Why can’t theists and New Atheists have a meaningful dialogue?”

  1. tildeb Says:

    There is a difference between having a discussion (dialogue) – whether foul words are used or not (what constitutes the ‘foulness’ of words being debatable… and having nothing to do with my original post that is without any foul words as far as I can tell) – and having a meaningful dialogue. Sure, it’s possible to have a dialogue but one cannot have a meaningful one when one side moderates it. Then it becomes a farce.

    If one has to choose which group of people utilizes reason, then theists who utilize faith as a central plank in their arguments are the ones guilty of using less of it than those who present only reasoned argument.


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