“Better for you that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation should perish”

Paarsurrey says:

Jesus did not die on the Cross; he could not die on it.

Isaiah 6:8

In the debate posting Tom said the following: “That sir, is sick! To murder an innocent child so I can get a reward.” I’ve heard others say that the cross amounts to, “cosmic child abuse.” This antigospel is taught in the emergent church movement as much as by atheists. The phrasing – “murder of an innocent child so I can get a reward,” shows a great distortion of the truth of the matter. If it was simply a matter of a reward (an extra goodie), and if Jesus was an infant killed without his consent (like in an abortion, which Tom thinks is okay), then it would be sick! It is just as sick to kill an unborn for convenience sake, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the same who make this child abuse claim about Jesus.

As I was listening to the sermon this morning at…

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4 Responses to ““Better for you that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation should perish””

  1. walttucker Says:

    Paarsurrey, why could he not die on it? I know you claim he didn’t, but why could he not? Do note that claiming he didn’t, is claiming the Bible to be false, not only in the New Testament, which states Jesus did die on the cross, but the Old Testament which paints a picture of the suffering Messiah to come – one who will make the ways straight, one who will redeem, one who conquered death. If Jesus didn’t die on the cross, none of it is to be taken seriously. The people of that area in that time believed he did die and rose again (Paul said many witnesses were still alive in 1 Corinthians 15). How could Jesus let them believe that and yet supposedly be a good teacher? Mohammed says Jesus was a prophet born of a virgin. How could such a prophet, born miraculously, be so deceitful? How could thousands of people in the first century A.D. believe in a risen Jesus and not know he was in India?


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Jesus did not deceive anybody; he was a straightforward person.
      It was Paul , the scribes and the Christian Church who did it.


      • walttucker Says:

        Paarsurrey, you didn’t answer the question about the claim you made. Why could Jeus not die on the cross? You said he could not die on it.

        Also, as I noted, the Old Testament message is a deception if the New Testament message is, since they do teach the same thing. And yet, I would not expect the Old Testament scribes and prophets to be aware of such deception in the way you say the New Testament scribes, Paul, and such were. Paul and the early Christians are on track with the redemption theme that starts in the first chapters of Genesis. As well, Jesus taught the same. You would have to show that the words of Jesus in the New Testament are not his words, even in general form. And if they are not, we don’t know what he taught and it would be insignificant. From a historical perspective, what the earliest Jewsish Christians believed would be the closest to what he taught. The theories about Jesus going to India are at odds with what happened within the first few years of his death and resurrection. (BTW, Muslims believe in resurrection, right? So, why would it not make sense that Jesus was resurrected, which means he also died?)


      • paarsurrey Says:

        The OT Bible is also neither a literal Word of God nor written by Moses; it has also been tampered with by the narrators and the scribes. It has lost its original form and contains the Word Revealed on Moses and other messengers prophets of the one true God, in a very dilute form and is not reliable unless purified.

        Quran mentions these things in a very clear terms.


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