Paarsurrey says;
If you have not read Quran; then you should not have criticized Quran on hearsay.
It is not a sensible approach from a humanist, in my opinion.


My further comments on the post are as follows:

      1. paarsurrey says:

        Your words:
        “I consider Islam to be a danger to the society”.
        It is a wrong notion. Quran/Islam/Muhammad are peace promoting; there is no danger to the society from them.

        paarsurrey says:

        Your words:
        “disdain for science”
        Quran/Islam/Muhammad never opposed science and its endeavours; science deals in physical things the study and research for that has been left free to be done with the knowledge of the time in point; it has not been interfered with.
        The truthful revealed religion remains focussed on ethical, moral and spiritual progress of the human beings.
        Science and revealed religion work in their own orbits not colliding with one another.

        paarsurrey says:

        “Muslims are mainly fundamentalist to the core.”
        The extremists are not supported by Quran/Islam/Muhammad. The extremists are politicians/mullahs they do politics by misusing religion, in the name of religion they do bad things. No harm in condemning them; but Quran/Islam/Muhammad are not responsible for their bad actions.

Random thoughts

First, to explain the genesis of this title, it is a free donation from my friend Meme.

Since this week we are dedicating to Islam, the Koran has a surah Ar -Rad[Thunder] from which we will see what Mo was told about things that will affect future generations.

Before I continue with this I have a few declarations to make. I haven’t read the whole Koran and it is not anywhere in my reading list and therefore anyone versed in the Koran can correct me where am wrong.

Two, I consider Islam to be a danger to the society; one in the way it treats women, their disdain for science [books on evolution were burned in Turkey towards the end of last year. A relevant post can be found in why evolution is true], their treatment of people of other faiths in their midst especially in countries that…

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