Discussion: What Did Jesus Teach?

Paarsurrey says:
One cannot get much from Bible about the teachings of Jesus; Bible was neither authored by Jesus nor dictated by him. Bible presents teachings of Paul. The truthful accounts of  life of Jesus and Mary are mentioned in Quran.

Finding Truth

This post is not going to be in the standard format. Instead of laying out what I think about a particular issue and then possibly getting into a discussion afterward, I really just want to ask a series of questions that I hope readers will answer in the comment section.

My background with Christianity is with a very fundamentalist variety that believes faith, grace, and works are all tightly woven together — each plays a necessary part in salvation. I’m much less familiar with more liberal versions of Christianity, and that’s what I’m hoping to learn more about in this discussion. So here are my questions:

  1. The New Testament speaks a lot about salvation. What exactly are Christians being saved from?
  2. In a similar vein, are non-Christians bound for a different fate than Christians? What will the afterlife be like for each?
  3. What does God/Jesus expect from us? Anything?
  4. Of…

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