California Dreamin’

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  1. “we may have to spend some time living in different cities.”


    The distance between the two cities is only a 125 kilometres as I understand; your husband could come and go daily to his job from Saint Diego to los angeles; not much of a problem, I think, if there is a highway connecting both the cities.

    Wish both of you good-luck.

  2. “and lately, by studying world religions”

    This is also good.
    I think I suggested you to study Quran. Did you start it?
    It is not a big volume book; it consist of less than 80000 word in total in Arabic; if one excludes the repeated words in the text; then it is only about 2000 words in Arabic. And it is not difficult for an intelligent person like you to learn these words for study of Quran in the original language it was descended by the one True God who authored it; not authored by Muhammad.

    And translation in English is also available; for which I suggest you a link:


    “Dreamin’ ”

    Dreaming makes to understand belief in the Afterlife easier; you know belief in the afterlife is a pillar of the truthful faith.


    Note from paarsurrey: one may click on the dates of my comments; that will lead one where the discussion is in progress.


Common Sense

Sometimes even a good life can get in the way of allowing you to do the things you want to do — like write. More specifically, like me having the time to write about the things I care about. I feel like I have a great life — I have a good job, an amazing husband, the cutest little (I use that term loosely) English Bulldog you have ever seen and I am about to move to arguably one of the most amazing cities in the world, San Diego.

Ahhhh… San Diego. Land of palm trees and beautiful beaches; A city where people would rather ride their bikes or walk as opposed to drive; A city that offers an easy-going lifestyle if you want it and, if you don’t, makes it hard to resist; A paradise where it doesn’t snow, it hardly rains and the weather never ventures far from…

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